YouTube Channel Update

For those of you following the blog we wanted to update you on the status of the YouTube channel. We are currently in the process of acquiring assets and beginning the first bits of filming. For more information you can visit our YouTube page. The full introduction can be found below.

Beginning January 2017, we will proudly reveal the Disparia Books YouTube channel. The channel is going to be devoted to learning more about Bonn’s path to producing a finished book, how to improve your own writing, live streams, and interviews with experts in the industry. Here are just few highlights you can expect to enjoy:

  • Live interviews with experts in publishing, editing, writing, marketing, and more. Videos will be streamed live on YouTube and viewers are encouraged to ask questions to either Bonn or the guest.
  • What I’m playing/reading/watching. In this segment Bonn will discuss all the things he’s currently enjoying and provide opinions, reviews, and anything else worth sharing.
  • Need help writing? Look for short segments that will talk about specific areas of writing and what you can do to improve.

The main goal behind the channel is to help inspire you, the viewer. Whether you want to be a novelist or just like to draw in your spare time, we want to help you learn, grow, and achieve your goals.

Look for updates and information over the coming weeks as we officially launch the channel!

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