Far Haven

Far Haven is a collection of islands situated a few hundred miles North of Feron and West of FreePort. Save for a few nearly adjoining lands, each island of Far Haven is an independent island-nation. Far Haven is the term for the entire region, though each individual island has its own designation. Specific regions of Far Haven, such as the Western Reach or Inner Ring, further subdivide the vast area. Though the complete collection of islands covers more square miles than Atla, the population of the area is less than either Feron or Atla at roughly 400 million. It is made up of more than 1,000 major islands with countless others that are uncharted and unmarked on maps (some of which are little more than partially exposed sandbars). All but the smallest or most inhospitable islands of the Western Reach are inhabited. The largest of the islands, Peros and Mogdan, cover approximately one and a half million square miles each and are also the most advanced and populous locations. Many of the smaller uninhabited islands are used as research stations, military outposts, or temporary waypoints for travelers.

One of the most defining characteristics of Far Haven is the Inner Ring, a name given to the 12 largest islands situated in the northern half of the area. Peros and Mogdan are the largest islands of the Inner Ring and are surrounded by the 10 other islands of varying sizes. Between Peros and Mogdan is a small grassy island known as Zion. The people of both major islands consider Zion a holy land. Followers of the Five believe that, when the Gods created Disparia, Zion was the last portion of the world formed and the very place they ascended to the heavens. The people of both Peros and Mogdan believe that their respective sect holds claim to the island and have fought for control throughout history.

Though Peros and Mogdan are not allied with any other nations and are not members of the Trinity Trade Council, the rest of the Inner Ring islands are part of the global trade agreement and maintain friendly relations with the rest of the world, exporting some of the world’s best coffee and gemstones across the globe.

The people of Peros and Mogdan openly denounce the beliefs and practices of the people of Atla. This denunciation has not resulted in an open war; instead, small groups of terrorists from both nations target specific people or locations in Atla and the rest of the world. Tension between the two island-nations ebbs and flows like the rise and fall of a tide—some decades will pass without conflict and at other times vicious wars will continue for years. However, the last time both islands declared an open war on Atla and the rest of the world was roughly 300 years ago during the War of the World. After a brief period of peace following the war both islands resumed attacking one another. It wasn’t long after the formation of Atla 250 years ago that they declared a war on the ideal of Atla, believing the capitalistic society dominated by greed and consumerism is an affront to God’s natural order. Today both islands are engaged in a heated and fierce war against each other. Though they have openly wish to put an end to Atla’s ‘sins’ as they call them, the fighting between the two islands prevents the people from focusing their full attention (and aggression) on the rest of the world. Because of the conflict travel to and from Peros or Mogdan is forbidden. It is still possible to travel to the other regions of the Inner Ring without encountering any problems. That being said, travel advisories are in effect for anyone planning on traveling to the Inner Ring (this also includes commercial shipping and transport companies) and travelers are encouraged to use specific sea lanes protected by local military vessels.

While Peros and Mogdan are known for little besides war and frequently make headlines throughout the world, there is much more to Far Haven than battles, bloodshed, and hatred. From coffee beans to active volcanoes, the region of islands is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders. One of the most enigmatic and awe inspiring areas of Far Haven is the Western Reach. The Western Reach and its string of tiny islands stretch deeper into the Half World Effect than any other location in the world. The last island of the Western Reach, known as the Island of the Abyss, is the only landmass in the world that rests entirely within the Half World Effect. It is a small, rocky island capped by a single mountain black mountain. Constantly battered by winds over 180 miles per hour and assaulted by torrential downpours, this one island has never been explored and has only been seen from a distance. Even reaching the shores of the island is impossible due to the tsunami-like waves ceaselessly battering the craggy coast and waters between it and its nearest neighbor, Hekam.

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