King Bedrin

Little is officially known about King Antony Bedrin XVIII. The king and divine ruler of Bedrin City remains a private and harsh man despite the changing world around him. All attempts made by the Grand Council to include King Bedrin in national debates, Council meetings and policy creation have ended in silence. King Bedrin, though following the laws and rules of the Atlan government, has made it very clear that his concerns stretch only as far as the borders of his city.

The Bedrin family has ruled, off and on, for over 2000 years. Throughout that time the family has seen its share of tragedy and rejoicing. King Bedrin XVIII is widely regarded as one of the worst kings in centuries. Reclusive, paranoid, selfish and downright evil, all are terms commonly used when describing the man. In a time where men and women are finally viewed as equals, King Bedrin has made it his mission to see that women remain oppressed and inferior to men in every way. This led to a mass exodus of women between 12 and 50 years of age during the decade of 230EM. Already suffering financially, the ailing kingdom has seen further decline after the exodus. Though regions around the rail station continue to prosper while the city attracts numerous travelers, financially the city continues to decline.

When Atla was founded the then current King of Bedrin was given a proposition, step down from rule and let the Grand Council rule the province, or retain his kingdom and submit to the laws of the Grand Council. King Bedrin faces the same issues today, as he must comply with the rules set forth by the Grand Council. Despite the decline of his kingdom King Bedrin refuses to accept assistance from the national government. He maintains the notion that his kingdom is his own, and his problems are his to control.

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