Holy Five

In order to understand the role of the Holy Five in cultures throughout Disparia it is necessary to understand the most common and widely believed story of the world’s creation.

Before time began, before the world was, all of the people of Disparia lived as disembodied spirits; they were the essence of humans with the features and shape of their mortal bodies without their corporeal frame. All spirits lived in the heavens, or Zion as it is known (not to be confused with the island of Zion, named for the heavens themselves).

The creator God and father of all humanity is known as Velwin. His role is overseer of the universe, father of all, and creator of humanity. Though humans are the divine offspring of Velwin, they did not share the full characteristics of Velwin’s glory and power before the creation of the universe. In order to achieve godhood and become like Father Velwin humans were required to come to earth, experience mortality, and adopt their bodies. However, before the world was, before humanity had its opportunity to experience mortality, Velwin had four children who shared equally in his glory. His firstborn was named Dramon, his second born Gent, his third born Desanna, and his fourth and final divine child, Steyman.

Long before the creation of Disparia Velwin held a divine council with his children where they planned how his spirit offspring could become like him and gain bodies. Velwin’s plan was for his spirit children to experience a natural life full of all things common to humanity, from pain and pleasure to success and failure. Each of his divine children would then be tasked with overseeing a specific aspect of humanity’s journey and the creation of the universe. While most of Velwin’s divine children agreed with the plan and the disembodied spirits of humanity readily accepted their opportunity to grow, Dramon vehemently opposed the plan. Instead of being tasked with one part of a greater whole, Dramon wanted to be the head of the gods and oversee all of Velwin’s creations.

Following Dramon’s individual rebellion there was a rebellion in Zion as a whole. Dramon, in his anger, fought against Velwin and his offspring. In order to overthrow Velwin’s power and achieve what he wanted Dramon promised the disembodied spirit children power and glory beyond Velwin’s if they followed his plan. The result was a rift in the forces of Zion. Those that were in favor of Velwin’s plan fought against Dramon and those who were persuaded by his promise of untold glory.

Struggle as they might, Dramon and his followers were unable to wrest control of Zion and the fate of humanity from Velwin. After a decisive battle Velwin cast Dramon and his people out of Zion and relegated them to a world in limbo, a realm caught between the glory and completeness of Zion and the world of the humans, one where progress was impossible and power limited to that of incorporeal spirits.

With the war in Zion over Velwin’s three remaining children worked together to finish the creation of the universe, each one focusing on a specific task. Velwin provided the universe, the laws of nature, and raw elements with which his children could work. Steyman organized the energy and elements to create solid matter, forming everything from gaseous nebulae and stars to Disparia itself. Gent was tasked with creating life and habitats for the animals and plants of the world. Desanna was then tasked with giving existence meaning, introducing the spirit of all things living and giving creation connection to the magi.

Though the universe was formed and ready for humans to inhabit, Dramon was not done interfering with Velwin’s plans. Once the universe was formed Dramon exerted all of his power to connect his plane of existence to the corporeal in an attempt to draw humans back into his presence where he would reign as supreme deity. Where before humans would live out their lives subject to the laws of mortality (including pain and death) they would do so knowing they would return to Velwin with a physical body and the ability to become Gods. But Dramon’s curse connected the realm of mortals to his realm and introduced the concept of right and wrong. By following Dramon’s will, accepting the evil spirits and turning from Velwin, it was now possible for humans to end their lives not with Velwin but in the realm of darkness Dramon had created. This created a disparity where a person’s actions would directly influence where he or she would end up, the powers he or she would attain, and the role he or she would play in the eternities. Those who follow Velwin and his children, living lives dedicated to learning, growing, and becoming like Him are rewarded with eternal peace in Zion and unlimited growth. Those who follow Dramon, spend their lives doing evil, or tampering with the heretical forces of magik are doomed to spend eternity as Dramon is, caught in a realm between worlds without progression, peace, or true power. Those who wind up in Dramon’s realm lose their bodies forever and, as a result, are unable to grow, advance, learn, or give life to offspring.

When referring to the Gods most individuals will say The Holy Five, though few will reference an individual deity when necessary. Though Dramon is considered the original Demigod and in direct contrast to the goodness of Velwin, his role and connection to humanity are so strong as to make it impossible to speak of the gods without also including him.

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