Disparia in 2018

The sequel to End of the Past is nearly finished and Parts One and Two will be released this year. The first book is scheduled to release sometime in March, but the exact date is tentative.

As excited as I am about continuing the series, there are several other projects I’ve been working on in the meantime. While it’s not possible to publish them through my publisher at this time (since I’m focusing resources on Disparia), I still want to share them with everyone.

Beginning a little later this year I’m going to start uploading all of my stories to my website for anyone and everyone to read for free. Some of the short stories will be uploaded in a single post, while others will be chapter by chapter on a regular basis. I encourage you to read, share, and discuss the works with anyone and everyone you can. PDF copies of the stories will be available if you prefer reading on a phone or tablet (you will need to let me know personally). I love writing; I couldn’t live without it. But I don’t just write for myself. Writing is a way of communicating, sharing, and connecting with friends and family, and I want to share my work and ideas with you.

Here are a few of the stories you can expect to find:

  1. A novel-length autobiography.
  2. A reworked and expanded version of the creative sample I used for my graduate school application. A few of you have read this already—it’s absurd, creepy, heartwarming, and a little alarming (in other words, it’s the perfect story).
  3. Several short stories that I finished long ago that have never been released that relate to Disparia.
  4. Updates to some of my stories written in college.

I am most excited about the autobiography. For now, I’m not going to discuss all of the details, but want to at least introduce it.

The autobiography is going to cover all the major events from my childhood until the present. The information and stories will be familiar to some, but many things will be new to even my closest friends and family.

For the past 25 years or so I have struggled daily with severe depression, anxiety, and manic episodes likely related to bipolar disorder. Growing up, an elementary school teacher told my grandma during parent/teacher conference that I would never amount to anything in life because I was struggling to focus on school due to my dad’s illness, who then passed away when I was 16. I barely graduated from high school, nearly dropped out of college because of panic attacks and depression, lost my business and money to bank fraud, filed for bankruptcy at 25, was hit by a car while riding my bike, had my former publisher breach his contract and stop selling my books leaving me without an income, and helped Linda through layoffs and graduate school…among other things. The autobiography is a chronological look at my life viewed through the lens of mental disorders and how it has affected my daily life and my long-term goals, including what I’ve learned from decades of counseling and therapy. It’s an intimate, deep, and difficult journey that I hope you can all draw inspiration and insight from.

Eventually the autobiography will be published and for sale, but consider this an early access look at a work in progress, complete with a few grammatical mistakes and other visible parts of the writing process.

All things considered, it’s going to be a busy year as far as publishing goes, and I hope my friends, family, and fans find joy in reading what I have to offer. Look for more info coming soon and I hope you all enjoy!

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