Count Gerald Iseman

The Two-Faced Count
The Two-Faced Count

Count Gerald Iseman was born in FreePort city on the seventh of Gent, 205 EM. He is the current political leader of FreePort city, the capital city in the FreePort Province. His grandparents on his father’s side were elected to the Count and Countess positions during the election of 205. His grandparents then gave Iseman’s parents the rule of the city on the third of Vos, 225. Count Iseman assumed the role of Count in 230.

Both of Gerald Iseman’s parents were killed while sailing to a small island near Black Peak in Far Haven in 230 EM. His parents, the wealthiest rulers of FreePort city in 180 years, had been loved and admired more than any other Count and Countess in the same amount of time. Gerald was poised to inherit both the rule of FreePort and the family fortune in 255. However, when the disaster struck, the family’s wealth was not transferred to Gerald. Instead, it was donated to the city by the former Count and Countess’s advisors. Though a family maintains power for 75 years, after a death the new leader must be sworn in before they regain the power of his or her parents. Gerald’s parents’ advisors took the opportunity to transfer the family wealth to their own bank accounts and the accounts of a few close friends during the brief days when they held the city’s keys. When he realized what they had done and he finally took power after the funeral, Count Gerald Iseman immediately removed the advisors and had them hanged.

Unfortunately and despite his quick action, he could not recover his family’s wealth. Realizing his money was gone along with his parents, the Count sunk deep into an aggressive depression. Within one year of Count Gerald Iseman’s initiation, he raised taxes, imposed fines on new businesses, and changed shipping regulations requiring foreign boats to pay heftier fines. Since his first act as count, Iseman’s approval ratings have done nothing but drop. Despite that, his extreme policies have only become more bizarre and troublesome for residents and travelers alike. Many of the poor people of the city have had to move out of the city proper after housing regulations made home ownership more expensive than ever. The wealthiest residents have either been given seats on the city council or have been taxed into oblivion, depending on their loyalty and attitude towards the Count.

In an attempt to fully restore his wealth Count Iseman has funneled city funds that should have gone to city maintenance and upkeep into his own bank account. Now, and for the first time in over a century, the people of FreePort are beginning to consider impeachment. Since he took command of FreePort, many have called Iseman the Two Faced Count. This is because he has, in every public appearance, been as warm and inviting as possible. However, behind his many closed doors, he continues to suck the financial blood of FreePort in hopes of reclaiming what he believes is rightfully his.

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