Project Departure Scope and FAQs

Scope and FAQs

NOTE: This is an ongoing document and is subject to change

Section 1: Verse bible and general (spoiler free) world guidelines

Section 2: Patreon rules, details, and information

Section 3. Timeline, scope, and goals

Section 4: FAQs and legal information


Verse bible and world guidelines

  1. Main Characters
    1. Larry Kaldrin
    2. Arny Gourdman
    3. Valencia Axehead
    4. Barry Murkhose
      1. Supporting Characters include but are not limited to: Henrietta Able, Gerald Gourdman, Leroy Spudnick, Vlad and Florence Axehead
    5. Character Species/Race/Characteristics
      1. The characters are creatures known as Bearkles. Bearkles are short, chubby, furry creatures that look similar to teddy bears, complete with big feet and hands, and wide smiles.
      2. Bearkles come in all colors, from blue or green to pink or gray. Their coloring is not necessarily inherited (meaning a pink bear won’t necessarily have pink children).
      3. Bearkles, due to unique anatomy and thick skulls, are able to withstand extremes in temperature, pressure, acceleration, and more.
      4. Bearkles, though sharing similar biology to humans, are incredibly tough and ravenously hungry. Their sole purpose in life is usually to snack on “Treets” as they call them, and their preferred treet is chocolate pudding.
    6. Locations
      1. The story will primarily take place in an earth-analogue solar system where the number, type, and location of planets is approximately equal to our own. Liberties will be taken in creating or removing planets and moons to fit the narrative. Since it is a different solar system, names will also be different.
        1. The home planet of the Bearkles will be called earth. This is not to be confused with humanity’s Earth. Rather, the name Earth symbolizes a home planet term, and is more akin to using the word “Home” to describe where you live rather than stating an address.
      2. Timeline/Time Setting
        1. A specific time/year will not be created. Time will exist only as a function of missions and progress, meaning the story begins at a time, and everything continues after that.
        2. Time setting is analogous to the early 1900s in America, though with some freedom thrown in. Flight has yet to be achieved (see section 4).
      3. Technology and General Setting
        1. Basic machines and electrical circuits are present within the world. Homes are lit by lamps, people use car-like machines to travel long distances, and fossil fuels are used widely in land and sea travel.
        2. During the beginning stages of the novel flight has yet to be achieved.
      4. Story Scope and Arc (Spoiler Free)
        1. A major focus of the story will be the push towards flight and eventually space flight
          1. Eventual focus could potentially shift towards inhabiting more bodies than just their own.
        2. Story arc will equally delve into the personal lives of the main characters highlighted in the first book. I will not get into the details, but assume that each character has motivations, goals, and issues to overcome that are hinted at in the first chapters of the first book.
      5. Physics, Scientific Laws, and Rules of Nature
        1. Consider most fundamental laws of physics to work similar to how they do in the real world (on Earth).
        2. Creative liberties can and will be used for comedic or narrative effect that can break traditional rules or laws of nature (including a Bearkle’s ability to survive deadly impacts and explosions), though these rules will usually be broken in a consistent way (meaning a Bearkle will not die from a 10G impact in one instance and another in 100G).
        3. Bearkles are particularly robust, and as such will survive situations and scenarios that would otherwise kill more reality-based creatures. This will be used to comedic effect when necessary.
        4. The size of Earth, the solar system, and the universe: The exact size and scale of Earth and the other bodies is subject to change. This specific information will be left intentionally vague and serve as a tool for narrative freedom. Consider the Redwall book series as an example. The exact size of animals, creatures, and structures is never explicitly stated and changes throughout books (the first book has mice, rats, and weasels riding a full-size cart behind a normal sized horse, where subsequent books have them proportionate to said animals). Expect something similar to this when necessary.


Patreon Rules, Guidelines, and Regulations

  1. Physical Books
    1. Physical books will not be shipped until one full month’s payment has been processed and transferred. It is not uncommon for Patreon supporters to pledge an amount and then cancel the transaction before it goes through. This scenario would lead to significant expenses on my end and effectively shut down the projects
  2. Shipping
    1. Novels will be shipped to supporters after one full month’s payment has been processed and transferred. The books will be the same available on Amazon and in stores. Books CANNOT be shipped internationally outside of the United States at this time (though that might change in the future). For international supporters you will receive a free download of the Ebook copy of End of the past. US-based supporters can also opt for a digital book instead of a physical one, though it is up to you as a supporter to find a way to communicate that. You will NOT receive both options if you are US-based.
  3. Patreon Bonuses and Monthly Rewards
    1. Some bonuses on Patreon are listed as one-time and others monthly. The one-time bonuses are self-explanatory and will be given either immediately (in the case of bonuses such as Discord access) or after a full months’ payment has processed (in the case of physical or tangible rewards). In the case of rewards listed as “Monthly”, those will be shipped or given out with the release of each finished book. Patreon does not have a way of listing rewards on a timeframe other than monthly, so this is used as a stand-in.
    2. What Each Bonus Means:
      1. Early Books: Early books mean you will receive either a download link or physical book before it is available for general purchase on Amazon.
      2. Discord Access: Discord access means you will be given the specific Patreon role in the Disparia Books Discord server, which provides unique and specialized roles not open to the general public. It also provides access to the Patreon-only channel where book content and news will be posted.
  • Full Creative Access: I want to work with fans to create the best stories possible. FCA means you will be able to listen to and read rough copies of the story as they are written and provide feedback that will shape the evolution of the story. Supporters will also be able to submit artwork to be included in each story.
  1. Free End of the Past: You will receive ONE copy of End of the Past, either in paperback or digitally (as mentioned above).
  2. Your Name: Each future book will have a page at the beginning of the book thanking supporters. You can find your name (either given or username, the choice is up to you and must be made clear) in this section in all future publications.
  3. Future Disparia Books: Supporters at the top-level will not only receive End of the Past, the first book in the Disparia series, but all future novels in the series as well. Shipping future books will follow the same rules as guidelines as mentioned in 1:a and 2:a



Timeline, Scope, and Goals

  1. Timeline
    1. Each book will contain approximately 40,000 to 80,000 words depending on specific content and story arc. Each book will release every six to twelve months beginning after the release of the first book. Details and information regarding a current release can be found on the KSP forums,, Disparia social pages, and the Patreon blog.
    2. Though it might vary or change as the project continues, the overall timeline for creating each book will be as follows
      1. First, a two to three months to write the book
      2. Second, two to three months to edit the book
  • Third, one to two months to format and finalize the book
  1. Fourth, two month leeway to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances or alterations.
  1. Scope
    1. Initial plans are for a three-book series
      1. The trilogy will follow a general story arc with long-range storylines and character development that can be followed from the first chapters to the end of the first.
      2. Each book released every six to twelve months will contain its own independent story arcs and development but set within a greater narrative mentioned above
    2. The books will be written in such a way to allow for an ongoing series after the first year. This, however, depends on my financial situation and general life situation. If there is demand and support for the project to continue, it will do so. If it reaches a satisfying conclusion after one year, I will end it there and continue working on other projects.



FAQs and Legal Information

  1. Disparia Books, End of the Past, and all information on are the sole property of Bonn Turkington and are copyright protected.
    1. Patreon supporters acknowledge that they are not paying for a stake, percentage, or part ownership of any part of Disparia Books and its works. Support is merely a donation towards Disparia Books, and myself, Bonn Turkington, as a free-will and good-natured gesture.
    2. You are responsible for following all rules and regulations regarding the distribution, use, and sharing of information and works. Any violations or copyright infringements made by Patreon supporters or anyone reading the works are not condoned, supported, or promoted by myself.
  2. FAQs
    1. How many books will there be?
      1. Hopefully at least three.
    2. What formats will you use?
      1. Books will be printed in paperback form in a similar style to End of the Past. Digital copies will be Amazon’s usual Kindle format. Future paperback and hardcover options can change but will be noted on the Patreon blog, Discord, and
    3. How much will the book cost?
      1. That has not yet been determined. Price will vary according to length of the book. Expect it to be between $7 and $15 for paperback and half that for Ebooks.
    4. What will determine if there is a hardcover version of the book?
      1. That is entirely dependent upon the number of Patreon supporters and their donation amounts. You can find the goal information listed on Disparia Books Patreon page.
    5. Where can I find the latest information on the books or changes to Patreon?
      1. Changes will be mentioned on the KSP forums, on, the Patreon blog, Discord, and through social media (@dispariabooks). Changes can happen without notice; it is up to you to keep informed.
    6. Where is the best place to follow changes or updates to the book?
      1. Changes will be reflected on, Patreon, and Discord simultaneously. News about updates or changes will be mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord initially.




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