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As part of Project Departure and my love of writing in general, I am happy to announce I will be hosting another live Ask Me Anything event with my publisher, Vince Font, of Glass Spider Publishing. This will be an online live-stream event hosted on the Disparia Books Twitch channel or Discord server sometime between July 20th and August 3rd and will be free and open to anyone and everyone.

The theme of the event is writing, publishing, editing, and creating in general. It’s specifically for people who want to learn to write or improve their writing (of any style) and learn how to get published and what to know before doing so. But it’s not limited to just writers trying to publish a book or something similar. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience on my end and more than 20 on Vince’s, we are posed to help artists and content creators of all types.

The event will be streamed online and free to join through either platform. You can join in the chat and we will answer your questions and talk about your ideas a bit like a live podcast.

This will be the first event of its type and open to anyone and everyone. However, future events like this will be limited to Patreon supporters. If you want to stay in the loop and experience a great show for honing and perfecting your creative craft, be sure to become a supporter today.

Over the coming weeks I will post updates and more detailed information here, including specific platforms and dates. As of now expect the event sometime in July, possibly early August.

FAQs (updated regularly)

  1. When will the event take place
    1. July 20th through August 3rd. We are currently narrowing down the exact day and time to accommodate an audience spread across the globe. If you have any suggestions or want to voice your opinion, please do so on the Discord server.
  2. Where can I join the show?
    1. It will be streamed through with the chat and questions coming fomr the Disparia Books Discord Server. Both options are free and easy to use and should make communication simple for everyone.
  3. Have you done this before?
    1. Yes, but in a slightly different format. You can find that video here:
  4. Does it cost anything to join?
    1. Watching Twitch is like watching a YouTube video, and all you need to join Discord is to follow the link here:
  5. I’m not a writer, will there be anything of value for me?
    1. Just because it’s writing and publishing focused doesn’t mean it isn’t for all creators in general. As mentioned before, Vince and I have more than three decades combined experience doing everything from streaming videos and writing comics to publishing novels and appearing on television. We want to talk about and help people with anything they want to talk about, so be sure to join in.
  6. Is this part of your Patreon bonuses?
    1. Yes and no. The first AMA will be open to everyone and you are encouraged to share it with your friends. However, subsequent events WILL be limited to Patreon supporters, so be sure to become a supporter today.
  7. Do I need to bring anything to the event?
    1. You just need to bring an open mind and preferably some questions. The event is aimed at fostering communication, helping each other, and learning something new.

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