Do you want your work published in the next Disparia novel or on Here is your chance! See our Patreon page for more about getting started.

The world of Disparia is created not just by the author, but by the people who enjoy it. We are always looking for great additions to the book world, whether its written stories, painted portraits, or digital media.  Fanfiction isn’t just a fun aside, it’s an intergral part of the world. By following the guidelines below you can have your work offically recognized as canon, shared on, and even published in the next books if we like it enough.

Here is the updated list of items we need the most:

  • Maps (preferably painted or drawn)
  • Location images (such as cities or natural landmarks)
  • Existing page images (we would like to have at least one image for every page)

If you are interested in expanding the world of Disparia with some of your own work we are always accepting submissions. Remember, all work must be original. And remember, THIS IS NOT A PAID POSITION, IT IS VOLUNTARY AND FOR FUN! Here is what you can do to submit your work:

  1. Become a Patreon supporter. As of 2017, no work will be accepted unless you subscribe to the “Editor and Collaborator” tier.
  2. Take a look to see what we need the most. You have a better chance of being selected if you create works that are in high demand.
  3. Send an email to or use the message feature in our Contact Us page. Explain what you want to contribute, how it belongs within the world, and why you think your work is a great fit. We only accept work that is relevant and expands on the core material. Creativity is a must, but make sure it’s believable.
  4. If we like your idea we will ask you to send examples of your previous work. Examples can include emailed attachments or links to your online galleries. We will not accept inappropriate, offensive, copyrighted, or defamatory works!
  5. If we like your work and you wish to contribute we will send you a small form to fill out that will detail the rights to your work. Remember, the work will become property of Disparia but the creation will be attributed to you. Each work will be handled on an individual basis.
  6. Begin your work, providing updates along the way if necessary.
  7. Submit your work by email.
  8. See your work posted on or in the next book.

All work will become the sole property of Bonn Turkington and Disparia Books. Not all work will be accepted. For a work to be accepted it must meet the previously stated guidelines. The decision to accept works will be made by Bonn Turkington, Glass Spider Publishing, and other Patreon “Editor and Collaborator” level subscribers. Fan fiction and other creations done outside of an official submission will NOT be considered part of the world of Disparia and may be subject to legal action. Under most circumstances you will be allowed to post your work to your own websites, blogs, and other media channels as long as proper credit is provided. We do not claim a minimum or maximun number of works that can or will be submitted. There is no guarantee your works will be accepted. You will be notified if your ideas or pieces will be used and you will be required to sign a waiver before final submission.


Read the history and lore, contribute artwork and stories, or chat with other fans-the choice is yours

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