The World of Disparia

**Special Update**

Join me and the owner of Glass Spider Publishing (my publisher) for a special Ask Me Anything (AMA) during a special Building FreePort Twitch stream Friday, May 26th. This event will be your chance to ask me and a publisher anything and everything you can think of. Check out our latest blog post for more information.

Welcome to Disparia! End of the Past is available at! From book signing events to the latest lore and history about the book world itself, isn’t just another website, it’s your gateway into the vast world. Check out our subscription links to the left and watch for event updates on our Google calendar to the right

So where should you begin? Here are  a few tips to help you get started:

-Ready to get streaming? Join me for my new Twitch series: Building FreePort, where I build the cities and places of Disparia in the PC game Cities: Skylines. Beginning with FreePort City, I’m going to bring the book world to life while talking about writing, publishing, gaming and more. Check out the channel at Twitch every Tuesday afternoon and catch all of the past streams on YouTube.

-Read, share, and contribute. The world of Disparia is created for and by the fans. We want your fanfiction. Whether its artwork and maps or blog entries and stories, your fanfiction can become part of the story and might even be printed in the next books. To learn more about contributing to the world see our contribution page and Patreon page. For a recent contribution and collaboration check out  Disparia in the game Kerbal Space Program. Creator The White Guardian created the Cerillion Planet Pack and included Disparia as one of the planet’s moons. Check out the trailer here (footage of the gray moon is on Disparia): 

-Interested in learning more about the world Vahn lives in? If you like to know what’s going on behind the scenes or like to puzzle out pieces of lore yourself visit any of the history and info pages above, or start with something familiar, like FreePort City. From there you can read about anything and everything you are interested in. Remember, there is always more going on than you might think.

-If you have questions about the books, website, or anything else, visit our Contact Us page. And take a look at our Buy Books page above or buy End of the Past from today.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoy!

Read the history and lore, contribute artwork and stories, or chat with other fans-the choice is yours

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