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End of the Past and all information found in is fictional. Any similarities to real-world people, places, or events is entirely coincidental.

Any media or stories submitted for use on become the sole property of Bonn Turkington and may not be distributed without permission. Details for each specific contribution will be handled on an individual basis. If you have questions about including links, creating fan-fiction, contributing stories, or anything else relating to copyright laws and the use of other related information please email us at or message us below.

A note regarding Patreon subscribers: Books will be shipped via Amazon’s fulfillment services to the address you provide when pledging your subscription. Books that do not arrive due to shipping problems or other issues outside the control of Disparia Books are the sole responsibility of the subscriber to resolve.

Regarding comics, sequels, and the quantity of work that will be accepted for future books: Becoming a Patreon subscriber does not guarantee a certain amount of novels will be completed or that a set amount of reader and subscriber work will be accepted. All work will be considered on an individual basis and is the responsibility of the subscriber to send and suggest.

There is no predetermined release schedule for novel, comic, art, and other content. Subscribers will be notified prior to any release as part of their rewards for signing up.

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