Magi Calendar

The Magi Calendar divides the 365 days of the year into 12 months. Beginning with the first, the months are as follows: Poe, Gent, Desanna, Steyman, Vos, Peros, Feron, Ayra, Estrana, Lonis, Dramon, and Velwin. It is divided into two distinct segments. PM is short for the era known as Pre Magi Revolution while EM is short for Enlightenment of the Magi.

After the War of the World, Feron, Far Haven, and the largest cities throughout Atla experienced the greatest period of peace, prosperity, and growth in world history. During this time leaders from the three regions of the world already mentioned created what is known as the Trinity Trade Council, which is an organization made up of representatives from all major countries and nations to regulate global trade. Shortly after the formation of the TTC the once independent nations of Atla signed and ratified the Provincial Constitution of Freedom, unifying the entire landmass under the then-new Grand Council. It was the first time in Disparia’s history that global trade was possible and common and that all major nations were allied with one another. The age of peace among all nations and the influx of new technological advancements created during and after the war ushered in a new age for humanity. The Age of Enlightenment of the Magi began.

The Magi Calendar replaced the old Holy Calendar (named for the Holy Five) that had been in use for more than 1,000 years. Though most allied nations adopted the calendar shortly after the formation of the TTC in what is now 3 PM, the calendar was not officially used until the end of the year after the unification of Atla. The Atlan constitution was signed on the 22nd of Feron in what is now 1 PM and the new dating system began the 1st of Poe the following year.


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