A Dramonite is an individual, group, sect, or organization that worships the god of the Endlands, Dramon. Dramon was Velwin’s firstborn son, who was cast out of Heaven after his rebellion and lost his ability to progress, posses a physical body, or in any way learn and grow. His followers in the afterlife are known as angels of perdition, themselves disembodied spirits whose development has been halted permanently. Dramonites are individuals who worship Dramon while they are yet living and are believed to lose their bodies forever after death and become angels of perdition themselves.

Dramonites are not necessarily considered Demigods and do not usually use magik. Where Demigods are individuals imbued with power from the Endlands, Dramonites are simply believers and followers of Dramon, not active agents. However, all mages and users of magik are considered Dramonites (but not all Dramonites use magik).

Dramonites are very rare throughout Disparia and often keep to themselves. Their rituals and practices are usually more macabre and nefarious than you would find with the Way of the Five. That being said, specific groups and individuals can have vastly different beliefs and ideals when worshipping Dramon. Historically some groups have believed in human sacrifices while others zealously fought to put an end to the Way of the Five. It is common to refer to a specific group or sect by their use-name, while the term Dramonite is used for general statements.

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