Silent Light Corporation

Silent Light Corporation is the company charged with building Disparia’s first high speed railline. The company is based out of Emigration Plains in Sed.  Silent Light was founded in 122EM by William Richard Maybach.

The company was created to produce quiet burning Orb-Lights. At the time, Orb-Lights still radiated significant heat and produced a vibrating or hissing sound while in use. Some poor quality lights were so loud that home owners frequently broke their lights in frustration. It is estimated that 25% of home fires between 50EM and 125EM were caused by broken Orb-Lights. Even from the beginning Silent Light’s products and methods were controversial.

The first silent Orb-Lights the company produced were coated in lead and a lightly radioactive substance. By 125EM the first users of the lights (and many of the workers in the company) had been diagnosed with a variety of cancers. But sales were strong for the silent lights and Maybach refused to change the design of the lights. When the death count reached a confirmed 100 people within four years, the Grand Council stepped in. Because of Maybach’s casual attitude towards consumer death and the number of people injured by his products, the government Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) was created. Despite new government regulations and a changed formula, Maybach wasn’t done creating chaos. The dangerous materials he once used in the Orb-Lights sat unused in several of his factories. When the government demanded safe removal of the lead and toxic materials to a secure location in the Desert of Kahn, Maybach replied by dumping all of the waste into the swamps east of Sed City. Much of the materials found their way by streams and rivers, to the protected areas of the province. Hundreds of protected natives died from poisoning and radiation for several years after the dump. A team of Provincial Representatives was forced to start an emergency cleanup effort in the protected area. This cleanup lasted for over a decade before the water was considered safe. After the latest deadly decision, Maybach was charged criminally for his acts. The trial lasted four months before he was found not guilty (however it was proved 75 years later that Maybach had bribed the jury).


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