The island of Zion is located between the islands of Peros and Mogdan in the Strait of the Gods. The basalt column of rock is covered in lush grasses and shrubs. It is approximately three miles across and 400 feet at its highest point. Many Followers of the Five and Dramonites believe the island is one of the holiest location on Disparia.

The island is dominated by a single tall column of rock some call a rounded cliff and others consider a steep hill. A network of natural caves and tunnels snakes through the hill and throughout the rest of the island. Several sea caves lead into the depths of the island itself and offer secluded pools of water perfect for swimming and diving. A few small species of rodent are found on the island as well as a dozen species of birds. Bright wildflowers and bushes provide high contrast splashes of color against the deep black and verdant greens. Despite its natural beauty and abundance of places to explore, the island sits literally and figuratively at the center of an almost eternal conflict.

Both Peros and Mogdan are home to unique sects of extremely devout Followers of the Five who believe in a violent set of rules and laws. Their beliefs come from some of the earliest books from the Writ of the Five, some of which are considered apocryphal to Followers at large and others that are unknown outside their own places of worship. The result is a religion based on strict adherence to written laws, an extreme and hostile view towards infidel or heathen nations, and a culture that values preservation of divine laws above human life.

While the fundamental beliefs of both nations are similar, their specific laws, ordinances, rules, and commandments are quite different. While under normal circumstances two distinct sects of the Five would have no trouble coexisting, their unique beliefs are polarized. From their observed day of sabbath to their written laws, the two people believe everything the other island does is an affront to the proper Way of the Five. As a result, both nations believe the other to be their sworn enemy and the people defilers of sacred rights. This belief was born long before written records existed and has continued with little interruption for thousands of years. Throughout the past their conflicting ideologies have resulted in widespread genocides, massacres, environmental catastrophes, and even cold wars.

Zion sits at the center of both nations’ beliefs. Both sects believe Zion was the location where the Gods created Disparia and the location from which they ascended to heaven after finishing their work. Though the original books of the Writ of the Five have never been found, both sects believe the island itself is a natural temple that houses the book deep within its network of caves.

Both nations believe that Zion is a part of their nation. Because each nation believes the island is their own, and that it is the holiest place in the world and the heathen nations are defiling it, they have spent countless centuries fighting each other. However, though fighting has continued ceaselessly for years, the fighting is never done on the island itself. The people of both nations feel the island is too holy to pollute with war and have done everything in their power to protect it from the rival island or outsiders. Naval blockades frequently surround the island and some of the fiercest battles in Disparia’s history have been fought in the strait. This also makes the Strait of the Gods home to more shipwrecks than any other location in the world.

People outside of Peros and Mogdan treat Zion as either an island made noteworthy in myths or the actual location where the gods ascended. However, even for those Followers of the Five who believe in its literal role in creation, people outside of Peros and Mogdan do not believe in claiming ownership for the island itself.

While Zion is technically open to anyone willing to sail to its shores and the Strait of the Gods is busy sea lane, the few people who are bold enough to venture onto its rocky coast are usually hunted by the people of both islands. As a result, the Trinity Trade Council has advised all travelers from coming within a mile of its coasts.

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