Weekly Fact Sheet: Week 9

Weekly Fact Sheet Week 9-Disparia’s YouTube Channelcapture

This week the Weekly Fact Sheet is going to cover something a little different. Instead of listing information about people or places in Disparia, we wanted to answer some common questions about the upcoming YouTube shows on the Disparia Books YouTube channel.

Series title: Disparia Books Episodic Show of Many Things.

Number of shows per month: Two to four.

How often will you interview professionals? At least twice a month.

Who can we expect to see? Publishers, editors, marketing professionals, educators, HR specialists, and many more. If you have a specific suggestions be sure to let us now in the YouTube comments section or by sending a message to info@dispariabooks.com.

Can I be on your live show? Initially I am going to pick guests directly. But if you have something to share and feel you would be a great guest, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.

Will there be other shows? Yes. The Episodic show will be the main feature of the channel, but look for other shorter videos coming regularly as well.

What will the other videos be called? There will be a few other shows on the channel, each with their own purpose and name. The names are, 1-Quick Tips, 2-Checking In, 3, Random Bits.

Quick Tips: Quick Tips videos will be short, fun presentations that focus on a very specific area of writing. The first show will be available around the same time the channel officially launches in January. Most of the tips will cover things useful to anyone and everyone who writes (as in, every person who uses a computer or sends letters). The first show will cover tips for writing a strong defense in an essay or argumentative paper. It will be geared towards individuals in middle school, high school, and college. Look for videos to cover the quick topics in five minutes or less.

Checking In: Episodes of this show will cover news and updates on the Disparia book series, current novels (End of the Past), and any contributions fans are making. I will take the time to highlight any fanfiction that is accepted or posted on the website as well.

Random Bits: This will not be a regular series like the others. Instead, I will share whatever I feel like sharing, whether it’s a new book or a used game, when I find something interesting. Shows will be as short as a couple of minutes or lead into an hour of streaming.

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