Weekly Fact Sheet: Week 8

Weekly Fact Sheet Week 8-The Western Reach

Number of islands: 12.

Largest islands: 1-Vrasgal, 2-Cayram, 3-Ayra.

Size of largest island: Approximately 80,000 square miles.

Total population of all islands: 10 million.

Number of uninhabited islands: Two completely, another two partially.

Largest city: Aries, on the island of Ayra, with a population of 400,000.

Primary source of income/sustenance: Agriculture and agricultural exports.

Noteworthy records and titles: Closest landmass to the Half World Effect, largest region of uninhabitable landmass on Disparia, lowest population density of all inhabited areas of Disparia, home to four of the six nations with the lowest GDP in the world, largest concentration of countries not allied with the TTC, and highest wind speed ever recorded on land (on the island of Vos).

The Western Reach is one of the most interesting places on Disparia from both a scientific and cultural perspective. Though Feron is widely considered the birthplace of humanity and home to countless ancient cultures, nowhere on Disparia is life more primitive or archaic than in the Western Reach. Where Feron and Atla now have major raillines connecting the people of each nation, and where the Inner Ring of Far Haven is home to economic and military superpowers, the Western Reach seems to have been left behind. Most of the people throughout the vast region live off the land, growing their own crops and tending to their own herds. Only in the largest cities and those closest to the Inner Ring will you find people who actually export their goods beyond the borders of their island.

Besides being known for its pastoral setting and simple but friendly people, the Western Reach is home to something altogether different. The Island of the Abyss, the westernmost island in the Reach, plunges farther into the Half World Effect than any other landmass on Disparia. In fact, the island is actually located within the storms and is the only place in the world where one could walk into the end of the world (if one could actually reach it).

But don’t let the island’s location fool you—nobody has ever set foot on the island as even sailing to it is impossible. Researchers have viewed the island from afar and know that it is a lifeless mass of craggy rock with a few sharp peaks jutting into the black storms. But that is as far as their knowledge goes. Winds off the west coast of the nearest islands, Hekam and Vos, reach more than 100 miles per hour on a regular basis. Winds were recorded to reach 180 miles per hour in the straight between Hekam and The Island of the Abyss, and likely only increase as one draws nearer.

Due to the vast distance between the edge of the Western Reach and Atla, most researchers opt to study the Half World Effect from the southeastern edge of Atla or the easier to reach portions of Feron. However, if the teams involved with project Deep Blue are successful, the Western Reach could become the launching point for numerous explorers and researchers alike.

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