Weekly Fact Sheet: Week 7

Weekly Fact Sheet Week 7-Destination Horizon

Project start date: 2nd of Gent, 240 EM.

Project end date: 1st of Vos, 250 EM.

Project goal: Safely breach the Half World Effect and return after doing so.

Summary of project guidelines: Applicants must create a vessel, craft, or method of breaching the Half World Effect surrounding the known lands of Disparia. In order for an application to qualify it must allow for at least one living individual to travel through the Half World Effect and return. Occupants or operators of the craft or device must be able to take basic measurements and recordings of the weather beyond the storms. Occupants must return safely once their mission has been accomplished. Projects will be officially launched on the 30th of Vos, and the first team to fulfill all requirements will be declared the winner.

Award: 100 million mig grant.

Project launch location: Two miles north of FreePort City, hosted by the University of FreePort.

Number of initial applicants: 1,248.

Number of finalists: 12.

Nations with most applicants: 1-Atla, 2-Redding, 3-Azlo.

Judges: A board of 50 individuals ranging from university deans and chancellors to government officials from nations throughout the world. Five scientists and inventors will also take part in judging applicants.

Project Deep Blue was formed with one goal—to finally breach the impenetrable wall of storms known as the Half World Effect and to see what sits beyond. For as long as records have been kept, people have been attempted to travel through the unusual weather and explore the land or sea beyond. While there are literally tens of thousands of documented cases of people venturing into the storms, there is not a single report of anyone making it through and returning afterwards. There are just as many myths and legends of people making it through the Half World Effect as there are actual documented cases, however none of those have been or can be verified.

Technological growth combined with a growing global population brought the once spurned aspect of Disparia back to the forefront of public interest a few decades ago. It wasn’t until a group of researchers from FreePort University decided to organize an official competition that anyone began planning how to make it through the natural phenomenon.

With over 1,000 initial applicants, ideas for breaching the storm ranged from the mundane (a large ship that was said to be unsinkable) to the absurd (building an underwater ladder). The initial pool of applicants has been reduced to just a dozen, though the 12 projects are just as unique as ever.

Besides trying to physically breach what has always been an impenetrable wall, project organizers are also hoping to learn more about the nature of the storms themselves and their effect on global climate. While the storms are isolated to a band around the known landmasses, their effects can be felt everywhere on Disparia. Basic research and observations are part of the project goals, while any extra research will be gladly accepted. Only two years remain before the participants formally unveil their designs and set their sights towards the darkest corners of Disparia.

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