Weekly Fact Sheet: Week 2

Weekly Fact Sheet Week 2-FreePort City Arena

Constructed In: 499 PM.

Original Name: Colosseum of the Valley.

Dimensions: 750 feet long, 450 feet wide, 350 feet tall.

Seating Capacity: 100,000.

Construction Materials: Limestone, concrete, brick, and steel (retrofitted during previous restoration efforts).

First Solstice Festival Held in the Arena: 252 PM.

Records: Largest building in the Valley of Gent, longest continually operating events center, largest human-made theater, greatest seating capacity of any open-air structure.

Major Annual Events: Caged Arts Fighting Championship (1st of Gent), Spring Flora Festival (1st of Steyman), FreePort Solstice Festival (30th of Vos through 6th of Peros), Summer Concert Series (Peros through Estrana), New Year’s Even Celebration (31st of Velwin), Autumn Play Series (Estrana through Velwin).

Refurbishments and Upgrades: The arena has been well maintained throughout its life. Save for a few times of financial unrest, FreePort City has employed a crew of workers to clean, repair, and update the facility each day. A few large upgrades have changed the structure and its grounds considerably. The first major upgrade was completed in 200 PM and saw the construction of the upper walkway designed to house vendors and eating areas. In 93 PM many weathered sections of the facility were replaced. In 5 EM the seats were removed and replaced by stone benches to accommodate a larger crowd. In 94 EM the arena grounds were completely replaced and drainage channels were constructed. This also allowed the arena floor to be covered in sand or other materials for specific events. In 150 EM the grounds outside the arena were converted into a large park. This also included the planting of hundreds of baby oak trees. In 193 EM the structure was reinforced with steel support beams in critical areas. This was done both to ensure the arena could handle the ever-growing audiences as well as strengthening areas that were weakening due to age.

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