Weekly Fact Sheet: Week 1

Welcome to the Disparia Books weekly fact sheet. Once a week we will be posting a quick list of facts and information about people, places, and events from around Disparia. This week marks our inaugural fact sheet, but be sure to check back each week for the new post.

Weekly Fact Sheet Week 1-The Valley of Gent

Population: Approximately 20 million

Area: 170 million square miles

Largest City: Redlands, at 500 square miles

Primary Industry and Exports: Lumber and wood products, most of which come from the city of Sayfend

Climate: Primarily warm-summer-Mediterranean

Historical Events: Attack on FreePort City by the lumber industry, around 520 PM. Construction of the FreePort Arena in 499 PM. The first Solstice Festival in 252 PM. The Great Lumber Fire in 128 EM.

The entire Valley of Gent rests just above sea level and is home to roughly 20% of the population of the FreePort Province. Most historians believe the Valley was first settled more than 5,000 years ago, long after the rest of the province. Its climate is comfortable throughout the year with temperatures rarely straying into the 100’s. However, the northeastern region of the Valley near the city of Redlands, and many areas directly around the Cliffs of Gent, receive more than twice as much rainfall as the rest of the valley.


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