Trinity Trade Council

  •  The Trinity Trade Council (TTC), also referred to as the Trinity Council, is the international organization whose stated aims are to protect the free market of Disparia, maintain the equal distribution of goods and services and ensure global regulations are followed by all member-nations. On the 4th of Gent, 248EM, the 100th nation, St. James, joined the TTC. It is the largest international governing body in the world. It is named for the three major areas of the world that are part of the organization-Atla, Feron and Far Haven.

    The TTC was formed five years before Atla became a unified nation. At the time, as intercontinental trade was becoming more and more widespread, Magi-Tech advances were being made by the day, and Atla was wrapping up the Constitutional Deliberations, many world leaders saw the imminent need for a global governing body. Up to that point importing and exporting to any nation was handled and regulated by the individuals buying or selling. Only a handful of advanced nations imposed any regulations, restrictions or safety guidelines. FreePort City on Atla was the only port on the soon-to-be-nation with any regulations of its own. And with trade increasing so rapidly, and the birth of Atla only a few short years away, few people could deny it was time to streamline the global market.

    One of the first actions taken by the TTC was the adoption of a new global calendar system. Up to that point many countries used their own time reckoning system. Now, with trade between nations set to increase, the need for a single reckoning system was obvious. Delays, mistakes and misplaced goods would not be acceptable in the new world market. And with Atla close to signing the constitution, it was the perfect time in Disparia’s life to implement something so massive.

    Today, the TTC has offices in each of the 100 member-nations (as is part of the requirement to join), with the headquarters still residing on Trinity Island. Policing and enforcing the regulations imposed by the TTC is handled by a dedicated Regulations Assurance Agency (which has the lawful power to impose fines, issue citations and even make arrests) as well as the individual law enforcement bodies of a given nation.

    President Jana Dolardson is the current acting president of the TTC, with Executives Norman Butts and Haffar Sheezad as her aides. The remaining structure is made up of one representative per nation (again, a requirement for membership) and a body of 50 more that cover positions from treasurer to human resource advisor.

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