The Mountains of Dramon

The Mountains of Dramon are the ring of mountains surrounding the Gateway to Dramon. Most scientists believe that the circular shape and steep walls of the mountains were formed when a meteor impacted the center of Feron. This event took place approximately 65,000,000PM.

While there is little life in and around the central regions of the Mountains of Dramon, many of Feron’s countries hold settlements on the highlands and hills of the range’s outer edge. The mountains are approximately 200 kilometers wide, from the sheer inner cliffs of the Desert to the outer highlands. This distance is almost completely uniform. This uniformity is attributed again to meteor impact. Despite the relatively small distance from the burning, lifeless desert of the Gateway to Dramon and the outer highlands, the climate changes enough to make life quite pleasant.

On the western edge of the Mountains of Dramon the weather is warm, humid and fairly moderate. It was in this region that life began on Disparia, and it’s easy to see why. With temperatures commonly between 50-85 degrees, and rarely straying to any extreme, it is one of the best places in the world for agriculture. What the coastal regions lack in precipitation, the ample rainfall in the highlands travels towards the coast in a network of slow moving rivers. The highlands on the western edge of the Mountains receive plenty of wet weather, with conditions not unlike Morrid or Bedrin on Atla, the only difference being warmer temperatures.

On the eastern half of the Mountains of Dramon the weather is a bit more dramatic. Temperatures vary between a wider range and weather is not so stable. Severe thunderstorms build just beyond the inner cliffs of the mountains and develop into massive thunderstorms. Highland winters often bring snow to elevations above 1,500 meters and fierce blizzards are common in the higher mountains in the early months of the year.

Just as the Gateway to Dramon baffles the most enlightened scientific minds, so too does the weather of the Mountains of Dramon. In the brief 200 kilometer distance from the inner wall to the highlands, average temperatures can range from 115 in the summer for the desert, to 65 in the summer for the high peaks on the far edge of the Mountains. Many believe these rapidly changing and variable temperatures to be caused in part by the jet stream air currents bringing moist air off of the ocean which is then sent into chaotic currents and paths as it hits the high peaks of the western mountains, then the deep, shallow valley of the desert, and then the steep peaks of the eastern mountains. This combination thoroughly convolutes the airflow and allows for extremely isolated and severe weather phenomena.

The Mountains of Dramon are the highest mountains on Feron, with an average height of 3,500 meters. The highest peak in the range, Dagger Peak, is 3,981 meters. It is located in the southwestern region of the Mountains.

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