Plunderer IV

The Plunderer IV

Plunderer IV is the fourth and latest ship to be captained by the world renowned (and often feared) Jonas Heckler. Jonas began this naming tradition eighteen years ago. The first ship to be named Plunderer was formerly known as Everywhere. This ship was a trading vessel that ran a variety of routes between the smaller islands of the southwestern region of Far Haven.

Jonas was serving as a deckhand on Everywhere when disaster struck. The vessel was docked in a small village on one of the islands of the Inner Ring. When the captain could not come to a fair trade agreement for the island’s sapphires, the crew initiated a mutiny. After slaughtering the captain and massacring many of the villagers, fights broke out among the remaining crewmembers. While the crewmembers were fighting one another on the shore, Jonas snuck aboard the ship and managed to set sail without anyone noticing.

After only a day and a half of sailing, Jonas ran the ship aground on a small island south/south-east of the Inner Ring. By bartering and plundering what he needed to get it operational, Jonas renamed the vessel The Plunderer. He spent the next few years sailing the islands of Far Haven, slowly acquiring a crew and the knowhow to keep from running aground. Since that time, Jonas managed to sail across the known world gathering treasures and goods by both honorable and sometimes seedy means. Each of the first three ships in the Plunderer line have been completely destroyed or sunk. The fate of each is as follows:

Plunderers’ Fates

Plunderer-Burned by a small group of militant guards on an island in the Inner Ring after Jonas attempted to sail away with 200 pounds of precious gems, stones and crystals.

Plunderer II-Sank after hitting a mostly submerged rock. Jonas was escaping pirates from which he had stolen cases of weapons and gold when the ship hit the rock. This was the longest lasting ship in the line

Plunderer III-Capsized in a storm. Jonas attributes the loss of the ship to a defect in its design and to this day vehemently denies that it was due to the ship’s excessive weight after a three-month journey along the southern tip of Atla where the ship was loaded with nearly double its suggested allowance.

Plunderer IV-The fourth boat in the plunderer line has been in Jonas’ possession for four years and is the second longest lasting (as of the present) ship in the line. It is currently dry docked in FreePort City.


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