Followers of the Five

Throughout the known world nearly 80% of civilized nations are Followers of the Five. As a whole, Followers of the Five are individuals who believe in the God Velwin as the primary father of all living and worship Him above all others. Following the beliefs outlined in the creation story of the Holy Five, Followers of the Five all believe Velwin is the supreme deity, though each sect is free to worship any of the Five Gods of creation.

Followers of the Five is a broad term that encompasses anyone and everyone who believes in Velwin and His four children. The term aptly describes any sect or denomination. That being said, specific sects and faiths will go by their individual titles, including such churches as the Followers of Gent or the Path of Steyman.

Individual churches will often revere and worship any or all of Velwin’s children and will go so far as to devote their lives to an individual God. This does not diminish or demean Velwin in any way; rather, worshipping one of his children for their unique role and connection to Disparia and its people is also paying respects to the one who made it all possible, for without Velwin’s guidance and love none of the other deities would have had the roles they currently do.

The primary source for religious information including beliefs and commandments comes from the Writ of the Five. The Writ of the Five is a book of holy scripture containing a record of the people of Disparia written by a variety of authors from a variety of locations over a period of 10,000 years. The Writ of the Five usually contains 47 books in total, though various sects add some apocryphal texts while others add even more. The most recent book in the Standard Writ of the Five was written in 750 PM by a man many consider the last ancient prophet of the Five, Morian Semptus. Semptus lived on the island of Ke in the Western Reach and is known for his prophetic visions of the future, most of which are contained in the book titled The Prophecies.

Temples play a critical role in worship and ceremonies for Followers of the Five. According to traditional belief and limits of the magi, a mortal human’s power of creation is limited to the sum total of their physical energy or being. In temples, however, it is believed that angels from Zion grant followers power beyond the bounds of mortality and allow them to partake in sacred rituals impossible outside of the hallowed grounds. Temples are a part of nearly all sects and faiths, and all temple ceremonies follow a similar pattern. That is, the ceremonies and rituals that take place inside follow the guidelines and rules set forth by Velwin for all Followers of the Five, with only subtle variations between faiths. The ceremonies and rituals that take place in the inner sanctums and holy chambers are private, sacred, and not to be discussed outside of the temples themselves. Depending on the faith or sect, most Followers of the Five believe each member of the faith should attend the temple once a year at the very least.

While Followers of the Five, taken as a whole, believe in the same story of creation and methods of worship, some smaller sects have corrupted or altered traditional methods of worship and created new religions. For example, the people of Alpine City at once time shifted from worshipping Steyman as their protector and guide to believing the land itself was the essence of Steyman and that worshipping nature was the same as worshipping the God. Despite this drastic corruption of standard practice, even sects such as these are considered Followers of the Five due to their fundamental belief in Velwin and his offspring.

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