Weekly Fact Sheet: Week 10

Weekly Fact Sheet Week 10-Holidays in Atla

Number of major holidays: 10.

Number of smaller or local holidays: 15.

List of holidays: Winter Light Festival (22nd of Poe), Gent’s Day (25th of Gent), Spring Festival (23rd of Desanna), Military Appreciation Week (Vos 1-7), Worker Appreciation Day (15th of Peros), Atlan Unity Day (observed 12th of Feron), Equinox for Equality (23rd of Estrana), Eve of Creation/Velwin’s Day (22nd and 23rd of Velwin), New Year’s Eve and Day (31st of Velwin through the New Year).

Oldest observed holiday: Velwin’s Day, which has been celebrated for more than 5,000 years.

Newest holiday: Equinox for Equality. This holiday began in 200 EM to celebrate equality for men and women as well as individuals of all races and nationalities. Businesses are closed for the day and most capitals hold parades and events.

Largest celebrated event: Westlake City holds the nation’s largest New Year’s Eve party in the world. Festivities begin after Velwin’s Day and continue through New Year’s Day. Up to one million people attend the event over the course of the week with 500,000 of those staying for the lighting of the New Year’s Torch at midnight. The event has grown in popularity and attendance since the creation of the national rail system, with attendance growing by a factor of 10 within the past 50 years.

Holidays in Atla are a major event for people of all ages, races, classes, and locations. Atla prides itself as being a unified nation, diverse but equal. Schools, businesses, and government organizations are all closed during the 10 major holidays, while local shops or locations will see closures during the lesser holidays as well.

Most holidays are occasioned by festivals, parades, and feasts. Even more modern holidays, such as Worker Appreciation Day and Atlan Unity Day have specific meals associated with them. Worker Appreciation Day is a day for pastry lovers, as cakes and doughnuts are considered both easy to share and perfect for snacking. Atlan Unity Day is known as much for barbecued meats as the unification of the nation. And the winter holidays, beginning with the Equinox for Equality and through the New Year, include family feasts, get-togethers, and copious amounts of sweet snacks.

The single biggest holiday of the year is Velwin’s Day. While the actual holiday is only one day, beginning the first of Velwin, decorations adorn homes and businesses alike as people celebrate the creation of Atla and give thanks to Velwin. Gift-giving is an integral part of the holiday as well. Children ask for the newest toys and trinkets while adults wish for the latest luxuries. It’s common for most families to spend upwards of 1,000 mig on presents, food, and decorations during the last month of the year. Celebrations tend to continue through the New Year as well.

Of final note, New Year’s Eve stretches through the first of the year as one continuous holiday, which is why there are only 10 major holidays, not 11. Though it is specifically named for the eve of a new year, it encompasses both days. After a night of partying a brunch of fried meats and eggs is eaten in homes and restaurants throughout the nation. Any resolutions for the new year typically begin on the 2nd or 3rd of the month.

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