Weekly Fact Sheet: Week 5

Weekly Fact Sheet Week 5-Sayfend City

Date founded: 701 PM.

Population: 80,000 or more (the population can vary by more than 10,000 depending on the time of year).

Area: 100 square miles.

Primary source of income: Lumber harvesting and milling.

Major attractions and events: Lumber Worker’s Union headquarters, Gent Trade College, The Lumber Market, and the Annual Valley of Gent Chili Cook-off.

Historical events: Founding in 701 PM, Grand Council’s revitalization project in 90 EM, first Annual Valley of Gent Chili Cook-off in 225 EM.

Sayfend is one of the largest cities in the Valley of Gent and the single largest exporter of lumber and lumber products. The vast forests throughout the Valley of Gent have been inhabited for thousands of years with small villages popping up in suitable places. Sayfend was one of the first major modern settlements to grow from an industry, namely milling and carpentry. It was one of the largest cities in the Valley for hundreds of years before its official formation nearly 1,000 years ago.

Besides being known for lumber and high-end wood furniture, the city is home to a number of quality trade schools, art galleries, and shopping centers. Most visitors and locals know the city as the Target of the Valley due to its location and unique configuration. The city proper is circular. Major roads form concentric rings around the City Center, located in the very center of the geographic area. Maps of the city look very much like archery targets or dart boards.

Most people living in Sayfend are natives to the region. Family owned businesses are more common than not, and many have been around for hundreds of years. Due to its relatively isolated nature and distance from FreePort, most visitors come from within the Valley, with few venturing from beyond Atla’s borders. Redlands, the largest city in the Valley, is reachable from FreePort via a different road, which further isolates the city. Despite how few people actually visit, the city is still home to more than 75,000 people.

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