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End of the Past Volume One Teaser

How do you forget the worst moments of your past—and should you? Seven years after his father committed suicide and his mother vanished, these questions still haunt Vahn. When his recurring nightmares of the past become all too real, Vahn realizes it’s time to put his past behind him. But just as he’s about to make a decision that will forever change his life, FreePort City is thrown into chaos.

What began as an attempt to come to terms with the past becomes a fight for survival and a struggle to escape a city under siege. With the city crumbling around him and his life in jeopardy, Vahn begins to realize that, though the past can’t be changed, he does not have to be bound by it. But in order to move on, he must first survive.

End of the Past Release Date

The first book in the Disparia series, End of the Past, is currently undergoing final editing. We are planning to launch the first book before the end of August, 2016. The launch will be both digital and print. Look for more information on where you can purchase either version in the near future.