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Jeb’s Story: A Kerbal Novel

A book series by Bonn Turkington

Hello all! Exciting news. After working with the developers and chatting with many of you, I have decided to go ahead and write a book series set in the Kerbal universe (pun intended). This will be a fully realized book that is edited, formatted, and digitally distributed through my existing publisher, Glass Spider Publishing. Best of all, the book will be FREE for everyone.

I have been writing professionally since 2005 and have two novels available on Amazon. After the release of Making History I began making a few missions in the builder, which I later released on the forums. Since then the missions have been featured on steam and seen some quality attention from streamers and fans alike. Using that as inspiration, I have decided to create a work of fan fiction that develops a deeper story and covers a wider range of topics.

Each book will, as of my initial estimates, release every four months and contain anywhere from 20-40k words. I have an illustrator that I used for my comic series and books that will be doing several illustrations for each book as well (click here to see an example of the art style I will use).

The books are a labor of love for a world I adore (still intended), and will be free to everyone. When they release, I will post relevant information in this thread as well as my website and on social media platforms. Anyone and everyone can download and enjoy the stories. They will be optimized for reading on tablets and eReaders as well (such as a Kindle), so you won’t need to stare at your monitor to read it.

Because this is a free fan fiction project I will also be starting a Patreon account. I am fronting all the costs for editing, formatting, and design out of my own pocket and giving away the end result to everyone. If you appreciate and enjoy the project or support the idea, showing your support on Patreon will allow me to continue the project for as long as you, the fans, want more.

Thank you again to the great people of Squad and T2 who have helped me realize this dream, and to those of you who have enjoyed my past streams and missions. I look forward to providing you all with a high quality book about our favorite green (disaster-prone) friends.




Disparia Books Website

Comic Series

Patreon (Coming Soon).

Jeb’s Story Missions

Question and Answers:

Q: How much will the book cost?

A: Nothing-it will be free to download for everyone


Q: How big will the book be?

A: Each one will be considered a novella, more or less. Around 20-40k words.


Q: How many books will there be?

A: I have a story arc in mind, but it can be extended or shortened according to fan interest. As of now I would like to release at least four books, completing a novel-length story.


Q: Where can I download the book?

A: On the KSP forums (here), on my website (link above), through social media (also above), and potentially Amazon’s Kindle store (still free).


Q: Can I help write, create, edit, or illustrate the book?

A: Patreons will have access to special rewards and incentives, including the options to help brainstorm, read early drafts, and contribute work. Check out the Patreon link (once it is live) for more information regarding those options.


Q: Will there be a printed version of the book at any time?

A: That is unknown at the time. I am pursuing the option of printing a FREE hardcopy through Amazon and shipping it to top-tier Patreon supporters. But as of this time I am still working with Squad and my publisher to see how feasible that option is. If there ever is a printed book, it will be identical to the digital version (only in black and white instead of full color).


Q: Can I share the story with my friends/Kerbal mates?

A: Yes. Just be certain to give proper credit to the author and Squad/T2 as far as distribution and copyright information is concerned. It is up to you to familiarize yourself with their rules and restrictions regarding the IP.


Read the history and lore, contribute artwork and stories, or chat with other fans-the choice is yours

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